COMPANY Visions :
A traditional idiom says; If without country, there would not be home (没有国, 哪有家), but due to the climate change on earth, we can rephrase the previous idiom to further emphasis the seriousness of the warming world by saying; If there is no earth, how can there be a country, how can there be home; (没有地球, 哪会有国, 哪会有家)

  Our future living depends on today’s planning. The earth is occupied with activities each day and some of them are harmful but unavoidable which caused continuous damaging effect to the environment. We may not be able to make the desired changes instantly or influential enough to put a complete stop towards those damages. However, we should contribute our best effort in any manner we could, by minimizing these damaging effect. At the same time, we can consider implementing those environmental friendly activities which in turn, benefit to humans and the environment.

Awareness of this concern should be spread out without further delay. We should be constantly reminded that environmental protection effort is equivalent to a marathon journey where all humans have responsibility. It is a no ending race and requires ongoing persistency effort to make the earth a greener place for our current’s living so as to ensure healthier environment for our future generations.
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