WELCOME to Systemnix Asia
SystemNix Asia, founded in year 2002 is probably one of Asia’s leading conglomerate with broad of portfolio of business focused in Asia Pacific region. With more than 10 years of experience, long term relationship with our customers, distributors and some of the world’s leading IT branding, you can be assure that we have always a solution to deliver which suite your needs.

Our mission has always focused to ensure and deliver most cost effectiveness solution and to drive business value for our client organisations. We always listen to our customer needs, stay responsive to the fast pace marketplace and to ensure our commitment is to serve our valuable customer.

With that, we have design our business structure comprised of two business team:

Internet & Rental Solution Team

Internet Solution Unit – Provide full scale internet solution

System Rental Unit – Provide Desktop, Network, Servers and other peripherals equipment ready

Enterprise Solution Team

Transformation Unit – Provide peer to peer infrastructure design, integration, provision, migration

Business As Usual Unit – Provide technology operation support, management and maintenance

Why SystemNix

At SystemNix, we believed that with our committed and wide span of products and quality services provided, there will be One which suite your needs.

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